The false orchestra

Le Faux Orchestre

creation 2019

Music and Puppetry
For all audiences, 5 years and over
Duration: 35 min

Two musicians sitting back to back: one is a true musician and the other false.
On one side is a musician with a stringed instrument, a Ronroco.
On the other is a percussionist flanked by a drum and a cymbal with spoons on his knees. One of them is a faker, faking the other…
In a turning set-up offering a vision of over 180° degrees, the two alter egos attempt an impossible encounter.
They follow each other, evade and tease each other before finally losing themselves and merging in a circular dance.
The False-Orchestra plays between original and copy, reality and illusion, a fake Milonga with real Russian spoons.

—› A fused puppet, a deported mask and music with a South American air, the False-Orchestra of this virtuoso musician is to be listened to with your eyes wide open!

Photos: ©Virginie-Meigné


By and with: Santiago Moreno
External view : Delphine Bardot
Artistic collaboration : Benoit Dattez
Support : Le Sablier, Pôle des arts de la marionnette en Normandie


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