Since the beginnings of the company, we have developed, in particular with the Méridienne conventionned stage in Lunéville, a priviledged collaboration. Yohann Mehay suggested an ‘order’ for his festival FACTO, on the occasion of the Golem exhibition (Arnaud Pottier) in the workshop of Dominique Grentzinger
He invited us to imagine a puppet proposition within the Golem scheme. We were to explore the fields of the animate and the inanimate, of the true and false, of the illusion of the living, to question the idea of the senses transmitted to an object.

With the skills of lighting and an electronic musical creation, an old trailer that was waiting there coincidentally acted as a visceral, uterine puppet stage, a red belly, within which a strange sprawling heap was coming to life, drawing sometimes the nascent outline of a human body, or this of a monster of a vegetal organicity, before giving in to its plastic pile condition in a grey hangar.

An unprecedented and custom-made experience, an exciting challenge to meet the audience outside of classical performing times and tie to other modes of artistic expression.

The Unheimlich impromptu, a 10 minute visual and musical form, was born for a day only. It could only be this specific object in that specific space.

Conception/manipulation: Delphine Bardot
Musical creation/ staging consultant: Santiago Moreno

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