France TV – Culture Box

April 30th, 2021

Delphine Bardot, Amélie Patard and Bernadette Ladener went to Paris to the Culture Box studios to play a part of Still Beating (Battre encore) and to record an interview with Delphine. Program presented by: Raphäl Yem, Daphné Bürki

La MUE/TTE sur France culture

Les Carnets de la création

 November 13th, 2019

In response to Aude Lavigne’s questions, Delphine Bardot and Santiago Moreno share with us the secrets of their artistic duo and their creative energy.
They evoke Les Folles (creation 2017).
Program presented by Aude Lavigne

One-Man Band on Arte TV

December 9th, 2020

Clip shot in the Arte studios in Paris and edited by the channel. A warm and high quality moment. This sumptuous clip integrates the advent calendar on and is online until the end of 2021.
Very special thanks to Paul Ouazan.

One-Man Band

February 2020

A new complete video of the One-Man Band is made with the entire musical repertoire.
Since this, 5 music videos have been extracted.
Images and video editing: Vincent Tournaud

France 3 Bourgogne 

July 22th, 2021

Report during the ‘Chalon festival in the street’.
Excerpts from the show The False-Orchestra, interview with Claire Girod and warm and enthusiastic feedback from the public …

TV Récidives 

 July 15th, 2021

After 2 performances of Still Beating (Battre encore) at the Récidives festival in Dives-sur-Mer, Interview with Delphine Bardot and Pierre Tual followed by feedback from delighted and moved members of the public.

Video : Alban Van Wassenhove and Morgat Le Naour


August 31th, 2021

One Man-Ban unleashes social networks!

A video of the artist, filmed and published by a Tik-Tok user, has now accumulated 90 million views! This viral video also traveled to Instagram and Facebook, in France, Italy, Brazil, Algeria and the United States to Will Smith’s Instagram account!