Premiered in september 2022
Puppets and booth

Hand puppet, dance and music
All audiences, 8 years and over / 22 min
Outdoor (suitable for indoors)

Invited by Le Mouffetard to create a short piece on the theme of sport, La Mue/tte is revisiting the life of the legendary Maradona in a partial and jubilatory portrait.
From this well-known figure, we draw the parallels of an uncanny resemblance between a footballer guided by the “hand of God” and the character of Pulcinella in Neapolitan puppetry.
“Maradona bore a resemblance to Pulcinella because he possessed absolute excellence, this perfection in art which is sacred.” A. Dujovne Ortiz
We evoke the key moments in Maradona’s life through hand puppets. From the hero-worshipped icon, we focus on the “dirty god”, exceptional but falsely innocent when he transgresses and pesters! From his sporting achievements, we take the artistic gesture and present a tango dancer wearing studs.
A fantastical portrait of a fantastic figure who joyfully takes us from Buenos Aires to Naples.

© Marine Drouard


Creation, staging, dramaturgy: Delphine Bardot et Santiago Moreno
Performed and handled by: Alexandre Lipaux et Émeline Thiérion
Puppets creation: Delphine Bardot & Santiago Moreno, assisted by: Lucie Cunningham
Costumes : Daniel Trento
Music: Santiago Moreno
Puppet and dramaturgy consultant: Samuel Beck
Production & distribution: Claire Girod
Production assistance: Aurélie Burgun
Communication: Sandrine Hernandez


Production: La Mue/tte
Co-production: Le Mouffetard, National Centre for Marionettes, Paris ; Le LEM, Marionette Experimentation Centre, Nancy
Residence hosts: CCAM, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy National Theatre
Supports: Departmental Council of Meurthe-et-Moselle and the city of Nancy.




juin 2024

12juin13 h 27 min13 h 27 minFOOTCINELLAMAIF Social Club * en partenariat avec Le Mouffetard, CNMa, PARIS /75

13juin13 h 27 min13 h 27 minFOOTCINELLAHôtel d'Albret- Paris 4 * en partenariat avec Le Mouffetard, CNMa, PARIS /75

25juin13 h 27 min13 h 27 minFOOTCINELLAcollège André Theuriet - en partenariat avec ACB — BAR-LE-DUC /55

26juin13 h 27 min13 h 27 minFOOTCINELLAACB — BAR-LE-DUC /55

29juin13 h 27 min13 h 27 minFOOTCINELLAFestival Emmenez-moi — NEMOURS /77

juillet 2024

07juillet13 h 27 min13 h 27 minFOOTCINELLAChâteau de LUNÉVILLE /54

10juillet(juillet 10)0 h 00 min13(juillet 13)0 h 00 minFOOTCINELLAFestival Chalon dans la rue, CHALON-SUR-SAÔNE /71


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