l’Un dans l’Autre [One in the Other]

l’Un dans l’Autre

[One in the Other]

Premiered november 2015
A visual and musical performance for a well-matched couple

Featuring integrated and operated puppets, masks, shadow play and music
Duration: 50 min – all audiences, 12 years and over

Picture the happy scene: a man and a woman – or, perhaps, a woman and a man? Actually, it’s a couple – merged, matching, normal, in their floral-patterned home, with not a crease in sight. A pretty, golden cage, wherein tinkles the tiny mechanism of “normal” happiness. With a matching bedspread.

Then comes the night, carrying, in its dreamlike spaces, the combined bodies, with their secrets, their minor transgressions and their magnificent ambiguities. The masculine and the feminine get the measure of each other and then merge. One in the other, they reinvent themselves as tender mutants, in a visual and musical performance without words, amid wires, pulleys and puppets.

She and he navigate this initiatory quest, which blurs the genders and challenges the conventions of a binary society. Like a microcosm that gently questions our notions of couple identity.


Design, puppet construction, dramaturgy and staging: Delphine Bardot and Santiago Moreno
Music and sound devices: Santiago Moreno
Puppet handling and dramaturgy consultant:
Kathleen Fortin

Movement consultant: Boris Laffite
Costume and stage design: Daniel Trento
Light design and construction: Valentin Monin
Music consultant: Gabriel Fabing
Technician: Phil Colin
Production: Claire Girod
Production assistant: Aurélie Burgun
Co-production and support: Centre culturel André-Malraux, Vandoeuvre National Theatre – Théâtre Gérard-Philipe, Frouard publicly founded theatre – La Nef, Fabrique des cultures actuelles of Saint Dié – La Méridienne, Lunéville, publicly founded theatre – Maison Folie Moulins of Lille – Théâtre Ici et Là of Mancieulles, publicly founded theatre.
Technical support: La Manufacture, National Drama Center of Nancy – Théâtre en Kit of Tomblaine.
This project received the production support of the DRAC Grand-Est and the residency support of DRAC Grand-Est / Agence Culturelle d’Alsace.


“The staging is extraordinarily effective at immersing all these shapes in the shadows, within which all the various transformations are possible. It’s great theatre, which asks questions without prescribing answers.”

Mathieu Dochterman, Toutelaculture.com

Scenes that flow with watch-like precision, impeccable performances by the actors, amazingly realistic puppets: it has all the ingredients of a top-notch show. A fun and poetic experience, with just the right amount of sensuality.

Esther Renier, Théâtre Actu

A show with a sense of precise aestheticism, carefully calibrated to draw the audience into a world of gentle and all-embracing sensuality.”

La République du Centre

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