Les Intimités de l’Homme-Orchestre

Les intimités de l’homme-orchestre

Cozy One-Man Band

Premiered in 2014
Poetic tutorial for an apprentice one-(wo)man band

Table puppet, objects and music
35 min – Suitable for all audiences, 5 years and over

From the fragile and careful preambles of human-musicality (the one-man-hand) to the strong and rough character of the one-man-band, we are shown the different facets and many talents of the musician Santiago Moreno. 
Small inventions and musical assemblies build up, piece by piece, the complex one man band, for the rapture of a fascinated audience.

A playful and poetic moment where music and movement are inseparable.


By and with Santiago Moreno
Staging consultant: Delphine Bardot


Music comes alive through the enchanting performance of Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Santiago Moreno. Mixing puppetry and performance, this musical inventor builds from small musical assemblages—such as the “one hand man”—up to a remarkable one-man band, playing Latin American music. With humor, charisma, and incredible artistry, Moreno draws young audiences into a world of rhythm and imagination.
BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), multi-arts center in New York

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