One Man-Band


[One-Man band]

Premiered in 2014

30 min – For all audiences

With the One-Man Band, music is listened to with your eyes wide open. The artist’s body is connected to an instrumentarium on his back using a network of strings and pulleys. With captivating dexterity, this virtuoso musician-cum-puppeteer performs rhythmic melodies in a South-American style. It is an incredible physical and musical performance!

Santiago has done demanding research within La Mue/tte about the musician’s movements dissociation, which echoes the puppeteers’ techniques.

He elaborates this specific work in another manner on stage, serving a theatrical direction in Les intimités de l’Homme-Orchestre and in Les Folles | Silencio es salud‘ solo.


By and with: Santiago Moreno
Accessories for costume: Daniel Trento


« A beautiful poetic moment at the Accroche-cœurs festival! With his guitar in his hand and his drums on his back, the Man-Orchestra delighted the audience. On his back, the artist wears fifteen instruments connected to his body by wires. Amazing! With an incredible dexterity and a real know-how, the Man-Orchestra plays music of Latin America, catchy. With this show, festival goers have traveled! »
Ouest-France – 8/09/18

« One-Man-Orchestra intrigues and fascinates with his art. »

Ouest-France – 9/09/18

“To make everything work, Moreno relies on the principles of puppetry as he carefully coordinates his movements to get the desired sequence of sounds from his many instruments. His act is a full-body performance that requires a lot of planning and concentration, yet he seems to be having the time of his life; he draws crowds with his charisma wherever he plays, whether it is the street or a proscenium.”

Regina Sienra, My Modern Met, Mexico

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