Battre encore

Battre encore

[Still beating]

Premiered in June 2021
Visual and musical theatre and anti-patriarchal poetry

Table puppets, hand-held puppets, body puppets, shadow, mask and music
All audiences over 14 years of age
65 min

Once upon a time, there was a land under the control of a tyrant who liked to seize the most beautiful young girls for himself. This pitiless villain would choose them at a magnificent ball. Three sisters received an invitation to this deadly occasion, where they would have to dance with the despot and his henchmen. But what if they refused to submit? Using the medium of visual theatre, Delphine Bardot explores the images produced by the confrontation between an actress and the male character that she operates. This language of the body describes forms of domination and the refusal to submit more intensely than words could. In a disturbing atmosphere imbued with shadows, Santiago Moreno’s music, full of popular Latin American tunes, blends with the sound of the cello. The tale is loosely inspired by the story of the Mirabal sisters or “Mariposas”, who were killed by the dictator Trujillo in the Dominican Republic in 1960. The performance internationally avoids a documentary-style approach, rather evoking the joint struggle of populations and women who decide to say “no” to military power, “no” to male oppressors. (© Nally Gérard)

© Virginie MEIGNÉ


Staging: Delphine Bardot & Pierre Tual
: Delphine Bardot, Pierre Tual & Pauline Thimonnier
Text: Pauline Thimonnier
Music: Santiago Moreno
Performed by: Delphine Bardot, Bernadette Ladener & Amélie Patard
Lighting design: Joël Fabing
Lighting and Effects: Charline Dereims
Costumes: Daniel Trento
Puppets, shadows and animated objects: Delphine Bardot, Lucie Cunningham & Santiago Moreno
Scenography – design: Delphine Bardot & Daniel Trento
Scenography – production: Daniel Trento, Carole Nobiron & Émeline Thierion
Production & distribution: Claire Girod
Production assistance: Aurélie Burgun
Communication: Sandrine Hernandez


Co-production: La Manufacture, Nancy National Drama Center ; CCAM, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy National Theatre ; Théâtre La Méridienne, Multidisciplinary Theatre of Lunéville ; Transversales, Theatre of the Circus of Verdun ; Le Sablier, National Centre for Marionettes (pending), Ifs and Dives-sur-Mer ; La Machinerie 54, Theatre of National Interest (certification in progress), Homécourt.
Pre-licence: Le Mouffetard, Theatre for the Arts of Puppetry in Paris ; Le Triangle of Huningue.
Residence hosts: LEM, Marionette Experimentation Centre, Nancy ; Le Théâtre de la Source of Tomblaine.
Support: Battre encore is supported by the Regional Cultural Affairs Division for Grand Est. 
The project is also supported by the City of Nancy.


A powerful and moving show. A must-see.
Cristina Marino, Le MondeNovember 2021

A tale that’s poetic yet tragic, disturbing yet gripping, built on powerful images, sensual bodies and exquisite puppets and shadows. An ode to the courage of women.
Thierry Voisin, Télérama —  June 2021

A show in the form of a silent cry, to reveal violence and injustice and the fury they provoke. With no concessions but not without subtlety, visually superb, musically sublime, a must-see.
Mathieu Dochtermann, Toute La CultureJuly 2021

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