Battre encore

Battre encore

[Still beating]

Premiered in january 2021

GENRE: visual and musical theatre and anti-patriarchal poetry
TECHNIQUES: table puppets, hand-held puppets, body puppets, shadow and mask

AGE: all audiences over 14 years of age | DURATION: 65 min

Three female performers, three male puppets. From contact to conflict, between body puppets and ballroom dance, Battre Encore questions and transforms the game of dominations. Compagnie La Mue/tte has drawn inspiration from the tragic fate of the Mirabal sisters in writing this anti-fairytale which questions the integrity of the female body. The sisters were murdered on 25 November 1960, and became powerful and timeless figureheads in the fight for justice for all women and men. Battre Encore. The French evokes a heartbeat that goes on beating no matter what. A beat that raises up, brings inanimate bodies back to life and stirs the consciousness of the living. From the violence of the beating comes a joyful and dancing pulse that helps to fight side by side. In a macabre dance, the sisterhood awakens the poetry of the struggle, for a moment or forever, in an evanescent setting where the garden to be cultivated is superimposed on the female body, the centre of humanity. Battre Encore, an incessant rhythm that will not be silenced, yet.

© Frédéric ALLEGRINI


Staging: Delphine Bardot & Pierre Tual
: Delphine Bardot, Pierre Tual & Pauline Thimonnier
Text: Pauline Thimonnier
Music: Santiago Moreno
Performed by: Delphine Bardot, Bernadette Ladener & Amélie Patard
Lighting design: Joël Fabing
Lighting and Effects: Charline Dereims
Costumes: Daniel Trento
Puppets, shadows and animated objects: Delphine Bardot, Lucie Cunningham & Santiago Moreno
Scenography – design: Delphine Bardot & Daniel Trento
Scenography – production: Daniel Trento, Carole Nobiron & Émeline Thierion
Production & distribution: Claire Girod
Production assistance: Aurélie Burgun
Communication: Sandrine Hernandez


Co-production: La Manufacture, Nancy National Drama Center ; CCAM, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy National Theatre ; Théâtre La Méridienne, Multidisciplinary Theatre of Lunéville ; Transversales, Theatre of the Circus of Verdun ; Le Sablier, National Centre for Marionettes (pending), Ifs and Dives-sur-Mer ; La Machinerie 54, Theatre of National Interest (certification in progress), Homécourt.
Pre-licence: Le Mouffetard, Theatre for the Arts of Puppetry in Paris ; Le Triangle of Huningue.
Residence hosts: LEM, Marionette Experimentation Centre, Nancy ; Le Théâtre de la Source of Tomblaine.
Support: Battre encore is supported by the Regional Cultural Affairs Division for Grand Est. 
The project is also supported by the City of Nancy.

Up/coming events

june 2021

30jun(jun 30)0 h 00 min02jul(jul 2)0 h 00 minBattre encoreCCAM, Scène nationale de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy (54), en partenariat avec la Manufacture, CDN Nancy-Lorraine (54)

july 2021

30jun(jun 30)0 h 00 min02jul(jul 2)0 h 00 minBattre encoreCCAM, Scène nationale de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy (54), en partenariat avec la Manufacture, CDN Nancy-Lorraine (54)

14jul0 h 00 min0 h 00 minBattre encoreRécidives, festival de marionnettes et formes animées / Dives-sur-Mer (14)

september 2021

21sep(sep 21)0 h 00 min23(sep 23)0 h 00 minBattre encoreFestival mondial des théâtres de marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières (08) / PROGRAMMATION IN

november 2021

12nov(nov 12)0 h 00 min26(nov 26)0 h 00 minBattre encoreLe Mouffetard, théâtre des arts de la marionnette de Paris/75

december 2021

14dec0 h 00 min0 h 00 minBattre encoreTransversales, Scène conventionnée de Verdun/88


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