creation april 2020

Short film – A puppet in confinement
Length 5 min – Suitable for audiences of 5 years+

During the lockdown period, the CCAM, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy National Theatre, generously gave me carte blanche in the context of its “Horizon” project.
But with all this chaos inside and out, I wondered how I could create and produce work. Should I give up and abandon yet another aspect of my freedom?

Certainly not.
So I threw myself into a short creation: a raw and instinctive piece, intended to transport the audience through its poetry.

So here are the dizzying musings of an idle woman.
Scenes of twilight and night put to music. “Oisive” explores the notion of confinement in this new context, while also addressing the female experience and the conditions of women.
Between reverie and nightmare, this short film takes us on an emotional journey through this suspended month of April.

Thank you to the CCAM team for their trust and support, and for allowing us to continue creating when the world seems to have ground to a halt.


Based on an orignial idea by Delphine Bardot
Puppet maker, puppeteer and video editor: Delphine Bardot
Music and camera person: Santiago Moreno

Thanks to Pablo for his patience!

Support: CCAM, Scène nationale de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy (54)

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